TarotscopesNovember Tarotscopes 🔮
November Tarotscopes

November Tarotscopes 🔮

 Aries—Nine of Pentacles  
Hot diggity Aries!  You’re shining like a new dime. November is payout month for you. Every time there was a choice, you chose integrity. It might’ve taken some time, but you’ve created a life that mirrors your values and you did it your way. Hats off to you, Aries. You inspire the rest of us! 

 Taurus—The Lovers  
Tantalizing Taurus, November sees you becoming enchanted with the sublime love notes the Divine writes you everyday… like your favorite worn out sweater, the scent of rain, the colors of Fall that serenade your eyes. All of it is a reflection of your own majestic force played out in your sensual world.

 Gemini—The Magician  

Playful Gemini! The Magician is up at the karaoke mic belting out an animated  Flashdance directly to you! I predict the song will accompany you throughout November: “What a feeling! Bein’s believin’!! I can have it all… Now I’m dancing for my life!” Take your passion and make it happen, Gem!

 Cancer—Seven of Pentacles 
What a long, strange road it’s been, huh Cancer. It’s time to pull over at the rest stop, eat some snacks, take in the view, call a friend, and stretch your legs. See how far you’ve come and have a think if you’re still on track. You’ll know when it’s time to get back on the road again, refreshed and ready.

 Leo—Five of Swords  
Lovely Leo, if November brings conflict, reflect on the wise words of Thich Nhat Hanh: “The real enemy is our ignorance, our attachment to views and our wrong perceptions.” Heroic strength is found in the ability to be open to another’s pov while humbling ourselves to the process of compassionate listening. 

 Virgo—Four of Pentacles 
Part of the reason why you’re so efficient, Virgo, is because you know how to prioritize. November reminds you to be selective in what you take on. You don’t have to do all the things. Allow yourself to hermit a little more. Don’t give in to the FOMO that like a nagging mosquito wants to feed off of you.

 Libra—The Hierophant 
You’re expanding, Libra. The Hierophant encourages you to collect what you’re experiencing right now and throw it to your cauldron of life, give it a good stir, and take a satisfying drink so it assimilates within you. What you’re learning will transform you. In turn, you can serve as a teacher for others.

 Scorpio—Two of Pentacles   
You’ve planted a seed and now’s the time to water the plant. Let yourself be inspired by the progress you’re making, Scorpio. Your inherent focus and can-do-attitude will find a way to integrate the newness you’ve recently added to your life. The Two of Pentacles acknowledges and applauds your efforts.

 Sagittarius—The Fool  
It’s that time of year, Sag: your birthday! The Sun enters the Archer’s sign on the 21st announcing your annual reset. Accompanying the Sun is the playful Fool nudging you to take a leap of faith. You don’t need all the answers now. You’ll find them along the way. This is your time to shine bright and go for it!

 Capricorn—Queen of Swords 
The Queen of Swords is a good ally for you this month, Capricorn. When wrapping your head around a certain situation, seek out her tools of integrity, fairness, directness, wisdom and above all, a whip-smart sense of humor. Take your cue from the Queen’s example as she won’t steer you wrong.

You’re so darn logical, Aquarius. Sometimes you just have to let yourself feel what you feel. If you’ve been navigating the liminal space between holding on and letting go, know that an ending is the flip side of a bright beginning. Perhaps your mind has moved on. Allow your heart to as well, my dear.

 Pisces—Page of Cups  
Hope springs eternal, sweet-hearted Pisces. Nobody lives that more than you do. If these past few months have put you through the wringer, know that the clouds are parting and some of the sunshine will form a magical spotlight around you. Get ready: a delightful opportunity is headed your way!

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