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Two creatives meet at a dog park…

Faunabelle Tarot was created by a two-person team: Nicola Allan, a lawyer-turned-illustrator with a huge passion for children’s illustration and Juanita Benedicto, a librarian-turned astrologer, magic maker and tarot reader. The two creatives met in the beautiful little town of San Miguel de Allende.  That’s right in the middle of Mexico! 

Nicola and Juanita used to meet one another at a giant soccer field in the morning to let their dogs run and play. As the dogs played, the women talked. They found out they shared similar passions including astrology, tarot, symbolism and children. They decided to roll all their interests together by collaborating on a tarot deck for children. 

Just as a worldwide pandemic was closing borders around the globe, Juanita and Nicola began working on what would become Faunabelle Tarot. In December of 2020, they successfully launched a Kickstarter, far surpassing their goal.

The women credit the spirit of the deck itself for bringing them together believing that in the imaginal realm, disembodied ideas flitter from human to human looking for willing participants to materialize them on the Earthly plane. It’s been an unlikely collaboration: a lawyer turned illustrator meeting a librarian turned astrologer at a soccer field in Central Mexico. But as the two have demonstrated: magic operates in the currency of the unexpected and synchronistic conversations.

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Feel free to reach out to us. Juanita meets with clients for astrology and tarot. She also constructs planetary talismans. Nicola is currently working on a variety of creative projects.

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