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Wholesale Questions

Yes, we offer wholesale!

For USA orders, please send inquiries to faunabelletarot@gmail.com 

For international orders, please use the Etsy shop.

Delivery Questions

Your deck is on it’s way to you!  Orders placed in the United States should arrive between 4-6 days. Outside the U.S., your Faunabelle goodies can take 3-4 weeks to arrive depending on the country you live in. Shipping times are not guaranteed and holidays can increase these times.

A tracking number accompanies each shipment. Please do check it as the tracking number is the same information we have for your delivery. If you haven’t received a tracking number, check your spam folder. 

Please understand we can’t be held responsible for your order not arriving by a specific date.  

We ship our decks worldwide! Use the Etsy store to place an order outside the USA.

Deck Questions

There are many ways to use tarot. Some readers pull one or two cards a day to see how the energy of that card will show up. It’s a little like taking the day’s pulse. Others prefer to wait until they have a question or need clarity on a situation. Some do both!

You can be as creative as you want with tarot. Here are a few ideas of how someone, especially a younger reader, could put Faunabelle Tarot to good use:

  1. Tarot Club—Instead of a book club, start a tarot club!
  2. Daily Pull—Pull a card every morning and see how it turns up in your day.
  3. Night Pull—Pull a card every evening to reflect on how you encountered it that day.
  4. Dream Ritual—Before going to sleep, pull a card and pop it under your pillow. Journal what dreams you had in the morning.
  5. Learn Tarot—Faunabelle is a great place to start as we’ve distilled the core meaning of each card while including symbolism in the illustrations.

    Faunabelle Tarot is a good fit for:

    • Children from the ages of 3-12
    • Pre-teens and teens interested in learning tarot
    • Tarot beginners of all ages
    • Long time tarot readers who would like to reconnect to the basics
    • Tarot deck collectors
    • Art collectors
    • And anyone looking to invite more compassion and self-reflection into their life.
Rather than bypass the parts of life that challenge us, tarot acknowledges that change can be scary. When we’re going through a hard time, It feels good to have our true experience mirrored and compassionately addressed. Tarot doesn’t skip the bad days and the hurt feelings. It includes them. Often, they show up as the “scary cards”.

— When Cobra Death slithers by, something is coming to an end. Even though it may hurt to say goodbye, Cobra Death encourages readers to let go and give thanks for the time it was part of their life.  “Trust the process” he says, “everything is working out just as it should”. 

— Tower Vulture reveals that “life gives us a tumble-down sometimes so we can make room for something new even though we don’t know what it will be yet.” When pieces of their world break away, readers are encouraged to trust that life is magically rearranging itself so something bright and wonderful can begin.

— The Ten of Swords helps readers understand that sometimes, the healthiest thing they can do is to surrender to what is. The traditional Rider Waite depicts a man lying face down with ten swords in his back. Faunabelle replaces those swords with feathers. The imagery is still there, but much softer and palpable for young readers.

— The Five of Pentacles can also be a scary card to receive. Traditionally, we see two people dressed in rags and experiencing some crisis such as poverty and homelessness. Faunabelle shifts the scene to a thought bubble where the main character is thinking of worst case scenarios. In this card we learn when feelings of not-enoughness arise, we can observe them like clouds that come and go.

Faunabelle Tarot compassionately acknowledges the good, the bad and the in-between.  Even though outer circumstances are constantly changing—sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse—we can cultivate the stability of greater ease on the inside no matter what happens on the outside.  
Rather than ignore uncomfortable feelings, Faunabelle Tarot encourages readers to accept each moment as it comes without judgement or wanting it to be different than what it is.
For instance, Hanged Possum shares “It’s harder if you fight it. If you can learn to simply accept this very moment, you will be able to welcome the moment after as well.” 
Justice Spider recommends having compassion for others: “Some people were never taught to weave beautiful webs. Their strands were made in homes full of anger, pain, and bad feelings. Maybe they simply don’t know how to be kind even though deep down, they are the people who need love the most.” 
On no good, very bad days, Strength Lion reveals that “compassion cradles our hearts in grace, lifting us above the bumpys, lumpys and grumpys.” 
And for our last example:  Devil Goat shares that sometimes acting out points to underlying feelings of hurt and frustration. When readers pull this card, they are encouraged to follow their behavior just like a detective would to see where it stems from.
Faunabelle Tarot encourages making friends with all our feelings. In doing so, we strengthen our capacity for kindness towards others and compassion for ourselves.

Here are some of the comments our Kickstarter backers have left:

—I’m in awe in front of such tenderness. The designs are beautiful and the symbolism is spot-on. A pure gem.

—Received my deck today and it’s even cuter in person! Love love love it! So glad I backed this!

—Breathtaking!! Talk about a wow factor. From the packaging, to the artwork – it’s absolutely incredible. The booklet as well, is such a little treasure!

—Wow! One of the best I have ever received through Kickstarter, or any other vendor for that matter!!

—I received mine today and it really exceeded my expectations! It’s so beautifully designed and well-made.

—This is one of the best tarot sets I’ve ever seen and I’m so happy I got 2 decks to give to each of my kids!

People Questions

We do! Email us with what you have in mind: hello@faunabelle.com

We’re happy to talk on a number of topics: tarot, tarot for kids, creating a tarot deck, illustrating a tarot deck, creating magic with someone you just met in a foreign country, leaving stability for passion, and more and more and more!

Yes! Juanita Benedicto sees clients for tarot, astrology and astro-tarot which combines the two. She also works with planetary magic and creates talismans. See all she has to offer at juanitabenedicto.com

Nicola Allan is an illustrator, painter and author passionate about picture books. She loves creating characters and making up stories, and is curious about all things mystical and magical. You can see her work at nicallan.co.uk

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