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Buy Beautiful Tarot Decks featuring animals loaded with symbolism from ancient traditions, astrology, and tarot’s roots to address the natural interest.

A little deck with a big heart

Faunabelle Tarot

Shower Wheel - Faunabelle - Best Tarot Card Decks
Shower Mushroom


A tarot deck featuring an illustrated cast of animals subtly loaded with symbolism.


Warm-hearted meanings for each card appropriate for kids ages 3-12.


For anyone who needs a little more kindness, compassion and beauty in their life.

Meet & Greet

Learn about Faunabelle’s animal ambassadors and the symbolism embedded in the Major Arcana cards.

Katey Flowers

A sweet little cuddle

This deck is a sweet little cuddle.

Katey Flowers Book and deck YouTube reviewer

Ashleigh - Faunabelle

Learning to confront feelings

What you're creating is so powerful! For decades we've been taught to shove away negative feelings. We projected that onto our children. The time has come for us to reevaluate our old methods and adapt newer ways. It's so important for kids to learn how to confront and deal with feelings so that when they become adults, they are able to tap into the challenging aspects of themselves and deal with it in healthier ways.

Intuitive Life Coach Ashleigh Bredenhann

Sarah - Faunabelle

Let's not sleepwalk through life

I love The Hanged One so much! Children can learn to disassociate early on. I love the articulation that children—and our inner child—can understand being present is ok. Let’s not sleepwalk through life!

Sarah Anderson Intuitive Consultant

Kathy Shea - Faunabelle

I wish I had this deck growing up

I wish I had this deck growing up a billion years ago.

Kathy Shea Artist


Small chunky hands feel

The deck is absolutely lovely. It has a wonderful ‘small chunky hands’ feel that reminds me of best-loved children's’ books everywhere.

Regina Barry Volunteer genealogist




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The Fool's Sack


Faunabelle recognizes the inherent sophistication children possess. This deck does not dumb down the words or cartoonify the illustrations. We've included symbolism from ancient traditions, astrology and tarot's roots to address the natural interest children have to a magical world. We want to inspire kids to be kind with one another and to themselves. Our goal is to spread kindness and compassion, for self and others.


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