TarotscopesOctober Tarotscopes 🔮

October Tarotscopes 🔮

 Aries—The Star  
It’s your half-birthday, Aries! What better card to celebrate than with The Star? Things may have been a bit rocky lately, but you’ve learned something valuable about yourself. See this card as evidence that you’re on the mend. Hope is in the air. Believe that it’s safe to trust your dreams once more.  

 Taurus—King of Wands  
Who’s that gorgeous being confidently stepping into their potential and passion? Why: it’s Taurus! October sees you waving your magical wand of wisdom and experience to abracadabra your vision into being. You no longer need a power song: you’re the power song! Go out there and sing it, Taurus. The world is waiting for you!

 Gemini—Nine of Wands  
Gallant Gemini, this last part is all you and you’ve got this. No matter how tired you may feel right now or how much you’re ready to throw in the towel, know that you’ve come a long way. The spark that lit this adventure still dances inside of you. You’re learning how strong you are in October.

 Cancer—Seven of Cups 
Dearest Cancer, as you move through October, keep in mind what Dumbledore said to Harry Potter: “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” It’s so easy for you to put other people first. This month, listen to the direction your heart wants to go.

 Leo—Queen of Pentacles  
The Queen of Pentacles is here to remind you of how precious you are, Leo. Treat yourself this month to high quality meals. Delight your sensual desires is little luxuries such as silk pyjamas, fresh flowers and premium incense. The generosity you give yourself this month will spill onto others. 

 Virgo—Ten of Pentacles 
Nobody deserves the goodness coming their way this month more than you do, Virgo. October sees you reaching a turning point in a journey you’ve put so much of yourself into. Let yourself bask in the magic you’ve created in your life. Take a moment to see how far you’ve come!

 Libra—Ten of Wands 
Lovely Libra, you’ve come to an end in your journey and with the new moon in your sign this month: you’re ready to plant the seeds for a fresh start. Be strategic with your energy now. Which wands are you ready to put down so you can create space for a new beginning?

 Scorpio—Ace of Wands   
Magnetic Scorpio: Something magical is making its way towards you in October. Be open to the opportunities that lift your spirit and breath passion into your life. If you’re sitting on the fence, know that of all the signs, you can trust your gut on this one.

 Sagittarius—The Empress  
This month brings the spotlight on self-care, Sagittarius. Where have you been neglecting yourself, your home and your support systems? Be conscious of this as you allow the words of poet Mary Oliver guide you through October: “You only have to let your soft animal of your body love what it loves.”

 Capricorn—Four of Wands 
Once mighty Capricorn sets their sights on a goal, they will move heaven and earth to achieve it. But they need to pause at times to celebrate the little successes on their way up that mountain of dreams. October is the month, Capricorn: celebrate how far you’ve come.

 Aquarius—The High Priestess 
Turn up your awareness dial, Aquarius, as you pay attention to the small synchronicities and magical workings around you. Messages from your inner self will come to you in October through your dreams, numbers, birdsong, animal sightings, resurfacing memories and randomness that is not so random. 

 Pisces—Four of Cups  
Soft-hearted Pisces, take all the time you need to stabilize your emotions. October sees you rooting back into yourself to build what’s best for you. But as you do this, don’t forget to look up. In your sky, there’s a shooting star waiting to be noticed and wished upon. 

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