TarotscopesDecember Tarotscopes 🔮
December Tarotscopes

December Tarotscopes 🔮

 Aries—Page of Wands   
December has you poised for adventure, Aries! This month, the Page of Wands encourages you to dream bigger, aim higher and shine brighter. There’s a world of possibility fluttering around you like a field of fireflies. Catch one this month and ask it to help you make your wishes come true.

 Taurus—The Chariot   
December sees you walking life’s catwalk wearing a blazer of glory! Heads are turning, Taurus, watching in disbelief as you set out to do exactly what you said you would. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let up. December will fill your sails with the most accommodating winds!

 Gemini—King of Wands   

Who is that sexy, confident, charismatic creature? Why, it’s Gemini! Just like Cinderella at the ball, December sees you on top of your game, Gem, flashing a bit of intrigue here and thrills over there. So circulate your fabulous self. And just like the King of Wands would do: Keep it interesting!

Life has been sending you one synchronicity after another. Are you starting to connect the dots, Cancer? Isn’t the Universe a creative genius in the perfect way it’s been trying to get a certain point across to you? December has you placing a final piece of the karmic puzzle you’ve been working on for some time.

 Leo—Five of Swords   
When a storm comes, cows steer away to avoid it. Eventually, the storm catches up and the fleeing cows have to deal with the squall. Buffalo, on the other hand, run into an approaching storm. Buffalo logic says that tackling the discomfort head-on gets it over with sooner. Leo: this month, be a buffalo and not a cow. 

 Virgo—The Magician  
Humble Virgo: you’re holding out on us. We all know you can pull rabbits out of a hat. You’ve been efficiently and quietly doing the mundane equivalent for months. December asks you to step up your game. Whether it be conjuring Teslas out of thin air or harnessing gravitational pull: you’re ready for bigger magic!

Too hot, Libra? Add a little cold. Too spicy? Turn the pepper dial back down. When the pendulum swings from one extreme to the other, come back to the center. December is the month to be curious about an opposite perspective as you bring yourself back to a healthy, happy middle.  

 Scorpio—The Hanged One    
How are you like the Hanged One, Scorpio? You know how to engage a powerful stillness. You handle yourself well in unsettling situations. You sniff danger out before anyone else does. You’re not afraid of confrontations either. December is asking you to step into your ninja skill set of stealth, stillness and surrender.

 Sagittarius—Eight of Swords   
In 1965, psychologist Martin Seligman found that dogs wouldn’t escape shocks in a new setting if they had learned earlier on that they couldn’t break free from them. Sagittarius, December sees you working with present day circumstances to rewrite the “Learned Helplessness” conditioning of the past.

 Capricorn—Six of Swords  
You’re moving on to higher ground, Capricorn. December offers you greater perspective of recent developments as you distance yourself from what is no longer in alignment with your deepest truth.  Seek out someone to hold space for you as you anchor into a fresh start. 

 Aquarius—Three of Wands  
It’s time for lift-off, Aquarius! After a bumpy start and perhaps a redirect or two, December feels energizing as you find a sweet spot and hit your stride within it.  Let yourself be guided by the enthusiastic spirit of creativity found in the Wands coupled with the cooperation of the three.

 Pisces—Ace of Swords   
2021 has been especially gruelling for sensitive Pisces. With benevolent Jupiter entering your sign the end of the month, December harkens the light at the end of the tunnel. Rise up, Pisces, to a new set of magical expectations that sees you leaving the dugout and hitting a home run in 2022.   

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