Fun factsA deck that promotes kindness 💖

A deck that promotes kindness 💖

Rather than ignore uncomfortable feelings, the deck encourages readers to accept each moment as it comes without judgement or wanting it to be different than what it is:

Hanged Possum shares “It’s harder if you fight it. If you can learn to simply accept this very moment, you will be able to welcome the moment after as well.”

Justice Spider recommends having compassion for others: “Some people were never taught to weave beautiful webs. Their strands were made in homes full of anger, pain, and bad feelings. Maybe they simply don’t know how to be kind even though deep down, they are the people who need love the most.”

Strength Lion reveals that “compassion cradles our hearts in grace, lifting us above the bumpys, lumpys and grumpys” on no good, very bad days.

Faunabelle Tarot encourages making friends with all our feelings.



Devil Goat shares that sometimes acting out points to underlying feelings of hurt and frustration. When readers pull this card, they are encouraged to follow their behavior just like a detective would to see where it stems from.

Faunabelle Tarot encourages making friends with all our feelings. In doing so, we strengthen our capacity for kindness towards others and compassion for ourselves.

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