Fun factsHow do I use tarot?

How do I use tarot?

There are many ways to use tarot. Some readers pull one or two cards a day to see how the energy of that card will show up. It’s a little like taking the day’s pulse. Others prefer to wait until they have a question or need clarity on a situation. Some do both!
You can be as creative as you want with tarot. Here are a few ideas of how somone—especially a younger reader—could put Faunabelle Tarot to good use:

Tarot Club—Instead of a book club, start a tarot club!
Daily Pull—Pull a card every morning and see how it turns up in your day.
Night Pull—Pull a card every evening to reflect on how you encountered it during the day.
Dream Ritual—Before going to sleep, pull a card and pop it under your pillow. Journal what dreams you had in the morning.
Learn Tarot—Faunabelle is a great place to start as we’ve distilled the core meaning of each card while including symbolism in the illustrations.

You can be as creative as you want with tarot!



Faunabelle Tarot is a good fit for:

  • Children from the ages of 3-12
  • Pre-teens and teens interested in learning tarot
  • Tarot beginners of all ages
  • Long time tarot readers who would like to reconnect to the basics
  • Tarot deck collectors
  • Art collectors
  • And anyone looking to invite more compassion and self-reflection into their life.

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