Fun factsWho’s Behind Faunabelle? Part 2
Nicola Allan

Who’s Behind Faunabelle? Part 2

Who’s behind Faunabelle? Here’s a little about Nicola, the other half of the Faunabelle Team. 

Co-creator Nicola Allan is an artist, children’s book illustrator and creator of the Nic Allan brand. 

After spending over a decade training and working as a lawyer, and growing increasingly frustrated, she decided she couldn’t ignore the nagging feeling that a life of contracts and suit wearing wasn’t exactly her and quit her job in 2014 to pursue doodling for a living! 

Nicola grew up in the jungle on the island of Borneo, most recently lived in Mexico and can now be found stomping around Scotland, which is “home”. She is extremely light sensitive – waking up as soon as the sun starts thinking about peaking over the horizon (which during the Scottish summer is 3am!)

Curious about all things magical and mystical, she is passionate about picture books and is currently working on her first author/illustrated book. 


☕️💌 Lifeblood: Tea
🌿✨Geeks Out On: Astrology and Plants
😶‍🌫️☔️Favourite Scent: Scottish Sea Mist aka “Haar”
📖🐰Favourite Childhood Books: Beatrix Potter Tales
🎵😚Talent: Extremely Loud Whistling
🌈🏆Awards: Winner of the Panaga Highland Games (Brunei) T-shirt Design Competition 1996 (Age 10)
💪🔥Catchphrase: “She believed she could, so she did.”
🛸✨Sun, Moon & Rising: Aquarius, Scorpio & Libra

You can find out more about Nicola and see her work over at

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