Fun factsWho’s Behind Faunabelle? Part 1
Juanita Benedicto

Who’s Behind Faunabelle? Part 1

Who’s behind Faunabelle? Here’s a little about Juanita, half of the Faunabelle Team.

Co-creator Juanita Benedicto is a full-time astrologer and tarot reader. She’s also a mother, conservationist and astromage.  

After spending 11 years working as a librarian while raising her two daughters, Juanita began a new chapter of her life when her girls left home. She moved to Mexico and spent four years with nuns educating girls, building a library, and introducing battered women back to their bodies.  

When she returned to the US, she served at a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Retreat Center for two years, living off the grid in a cabin in the California Redwood Forest studying Buddhist philosophy and admiring the many forest animals that congregated near her cabin.  

Throughout these experiences, she studied and practiced tarot and astrology. And then in 2018, she returned to Mexico to commit to astrology and tarot full time, wondering why it had taken her so long to believe that she could actually earn a living doing what she loved.  


🧉 Lifeblood: Yerba Mate

🗓️ Geeks Out On: Electional charts for planetary talismans.

👃 Favorite Scent: Dirt. Wet pavement on a summer day.

🔥 Talent: Starting a fire in a downpour.

🏆 Awards: Trophied at Bible Jeopardy as a kid; a splitting rounds competition 🪓 + half-marathon as an adult 🏃🏻‍♀️

📚 Favorite childhood book: Any fairy tale told well!

🐑 Childhood aspiration: To be a shepherdess.

⏳ Words to live by: It’s only a dream.

🧜‍♀️ Sun, Moon & Rising: Pisces. Pisces. Pisces.

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