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The Hermit tarot card

Encouraging Wonder

When I was little, I used to spend entire afternoons exploring the canyon behind the house I grew up in. There were peacocks to watch and railroad tracks to balance on. I would climb trees and sit in them while I ate tangerines and watched the clouds form animal shapes in the sky.

Writing the meanings for Faunabelle Tarot last year was a magical process. The Hermit took me back to the Wonder I had for nature when I was a child. These days, it’s so important to instill a bit of feral love for the outside in the little ones growing up. Alone time is vital in the formation of creativity, imagination and even self esteem.

The Hermit speaks to these themes:

I like being by myself. I can think my own thoughts. I can do my favorite things. Hermit Raven shares that when I spend time on my own, I tune into the world around me. It teaches me things. I’ve learned flowers open up in the morning and shadows are long in the afternoon. If I want, I can follow ants to see where they go or sit in my closet and read a book without anyone interrupting me. Being alone grows my imagination in a way that being around people doesn’t. Just like Hermit Raven, I love my own company.

Listen to The Hermit being read aloud on The Hermit page.

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