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Boat Faunabelle

Delay with Arka Mailers

The decks have boarded a FedEx truck in California and are making their way across the United States. Currently in Pittsburgh, they will be arriving at our fulfillment partner in New Jersey this week. We’re thrilled about this news!


We’re not so thrilled with Arka Packaging ( — We wanted to give you a delightful unboxing experience so we hired them to make protective custom mailers with plenty of time to arrive to our fulfillment partner before the decks would. As of this time, we’re still waiting on our weeks-late order. Emails to customer support are given generic responses and we can’t get a straight answer on why we don’t have our boxes yet or when we can expect them.

Please know we’re doing our best. We really hope to deliver soon but with Arka’s delay and unresponsiveness despite our persistent requests for updates, we don’t know when we’ll receive the mailers which will allow us to mail you your decks.

We want to thank you, so much, for your continued patience in this. We feel very fortunate to have you as backers as for the most part, you’ve been really supportive and kind with us


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