KickstarterDecks in house + mailers on their way
Lavender door with boxes

Decks in house + mailers on their way

In the Super Good News Department: Faunabelle Tarot arrived at our fulfillment partner last Wednesday evening!!!!  We’re delighted that the decks and all the rewards are in place and ready to ship. 

As you know, we had one more surprise hurdle last week: delayed protective mailers.  They should have been at our fulfillment partner by now; but they aren’t and we still don’t know what the hold up was. 🙃

Fortunately, there has been forward movement since our last update.  Arka emailed to tell us that they estimate the boxes will be completed by tomorrow, Monday the 18th, right as Jupiter and Mercury station direct! 

Further, they write: “As soon as the boxes have finished the production process they will be prepped for freight shipping. Once the boxes are picked up by a freight courier we’ll be able to supply you with tracking information and an estimated delivery date.”

In an earlier email, Arka informed us the prep can take up to two weeks. Let’s hope it doesn’t. We’ve asked them to put a Rush on our order given that it’s behind schedule.  Once they provide us with a tracking number, we’ll let you know. 

We’re so close!

For those of you who supported us at the level of Salmon’s World, Hanged Possum and Five Faunabelles, we have your larger-sized mailers in place. Your decks and rewards will be shipped this week! 

Photo by Curology on Unsplash

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