Decans2nd Decan of Libra
Three of Swords

2nd Decan of Libra

Betrayal. Deception. Heartache. The Three of Swords which corresponds to the second decan of Libra is one of the most challenging cards to receive. It often appears when we’re going through a crisis that’s left us feeling low and disillusioned. A person who we thought was a friend betrayed us. A love we held on to for too long breathes its last breath. Our last hope falls through the aching hole in our heart, gaping wide, raw and senseless. 
But there’s another side to this card that holds powerful medicine. When we’re dedicated to working on ourselves, events+people+experiences enter our lives to illuminate the obstacles to our happiness.  Much of the time, these experiences are painful; yet the pain forces us to look within and recognize where we’re plugged up to receive what is ours to enjoy simply because we’re alive.

When a Three of Swords experience occurs, it can reveal our blindspots if we let it.

To take a step back: An apple tree has a contract with the universe to grow apples. In the same way, we’re designed for prosperity in all areas of our life, including love. Rilke said, “Believe in a love that is being stored up for you like an inheritance.” Love is our inheritance! But to get there, we must remove the thought patterns that prevent it from flourishing in our lives. These patterns are so embedded in us—often from childhood conditioning—we don’t even know they are there. But when a Three of Swords experience occurs, it can reveal our blindspots if we let it. Knowing what blocks our true capacity for life empowers us to get rid of it.
When The Three of Swords appears, ask: What is my deeper fear around what is occurring? Does this experience confirm a belief that prevents me from experiencing life fully? When have I felt this before? Recognize that what has happened on the surface—such a friend’s betrayal or a painful ending to a relationship—mirrors a core belief around scarcity, unworthiness, fear of being alone or fill-in-the-blank assumption.  When we begin to address and fix that core belief, our entire life changes. This is the work we do in the Four of Swords after the pain of the Three helps us acknowledge our barriers to joy.

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