CupsFish Alert!

Fish Alert!

The Suit of Cups has emerged from the watery realms and we’re delighted to share the cards with you! These last few days have been somewhat of a doozy with Mercury Retrograde high jinks. So if the celestial messenger has been testing you, lean on our little goldfish to warm your heart and offer a sweeter perspective. 

Lean on our little goldfish to warm your heart.



We’ll be sharing each card and it’s message over on on Instagram, so if you’d like to read the meanings, join us over on our page: 

And a survey update for you: We’ve just received funds from Kickstarter… WOOHOO! This will allow us to set some behind-the-scenes processes in motion which will eventually land a survey (for addresses etc) in your inbox. At this time, we expect the surveys to be sent on February 11th.

Oh! Also… just to remind you, our pre-order store is open! If you know of anyone who missed out on our Kickstarter campaign and might like a deck or bundle, please let them know! You can also check out all the available goodies in advance of receiving your survey (when you’ll be able to add extras to your order).

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