Fun factsFaunabelle Facts

Faunabelle Facts

People from 46 different countries backed Faunabelle’s Kickstarter!


As we’re putting together final counts, we thought you would enjoy some fun statistics. We know that we sure did!

Not everyone completed a survey, but out of 1460 backers:

  • This is the FIRST deck for 113 of you!
  • The majority of you rate your tarot experience as medium.
  • 283 backers own more than 50 decks. Wow!
  • The most popular age range is 40-49 followed by 30-39. Faunabelle is not just for kids!
  • 55 decks are going to tiny little people on their way to planet Earth… the unborn!
  • People from 46 countries have backed Faunabelle with most backers living in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia and France!

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