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Cargo ships at port in Long Beach

Delivery Update 🚢 🐰

Hello Faunabelle Friends! 

We have a little update for you.  The cargo ship carrying 3000 Faunabelle Tarot decks has been sitting in Long Beach since September 9th.  In normal times, the decks would have made their way to our fulfillment partner in New Jersey by now and be on their way to you next week.  But these are not normal times… supply chains are still recovering from the catastrophic disruption brought by COVID.

In this case, the shortage of trucks and drivers to pick up goods at America’s busiest port combined with a surge in demand for goods has caused a massive traffic jam! Ships are sitting at port waiting to be unloaded, including ours. You can read more in this article from today’s Guardian: A record number of cargo ships are stuck outside LA. What’s happening? 


We will keep you updated on delivery. We had so hoped to have your decks to you next week! We’re sorry that these delays keep happening. We want to create a wonderful experience for you and we know delay after delay is frustrating.  It is for us as well.

tldr: The decks have been sitting in a traffic jam at the port in Long Beach. We’ll let you know once they get moving again!


We also wanted to take this space to explain why some stores/people already have the deck, including us.  

We love our printer and we took a long time to find them. They’ve been amazing to work with. In fact, one of the things they did for us was to offer to air mail a few of the decks to retailers close to them. Since they’re in China, we were very grateful for this offer since it meant saving costs (and environmental impact) of shipping to the USA and then having the store pay to have their decks shipped back to them.

Our printer sent us—Juanita and Nicola—our decks by air mail as well or which we were grateful for. And our printer sent one final deck by air mail to YouTuber Katey Flowers in Australia at our request.  We love Katey’s videos and thought she would be great to share her impressions of the deck if she chose to do so. We didn’t know if she would YouTube an impression or not; but given our time schedule, we believed you would have your decks by the time she posted a video, or almost have them as we elected to pay extra for expedited shipping to get your decks to you as soon as possible.

Katey’s YouTube video has posted. And your decks are stuck in Long Beach! As one backer pointed out: it doesn’t seem fair that someone should get a free deck already while everyone else has waited and waited for theirs. We totally agree!  We weren’t expecting a traffic jam of cargo ships in Long Beach. We also had no idea if or when Katey would make a video.  But in an effort of transparency, we want to communicate with you what’s been happening behind-the-scenes.

Finally, BackerKit is closed. If you need to make changes to your shipping address, please email us at  We’ll manually update the address to ensure it goes to the right place.

We’ll also let you know when the decks make it out of Long Beach.

Thanks again for backing us and for your support. We promise we’re doing the best that we can.

Photograph by Mike Blake / Reuters

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