KickstarterFaunabelle is a real life shiny THING! 🤩

Faunabelle is a real life shiny THING! 🤩

Last update, we shared the decks would be arriving at the end of August. But since the mention was at the very end of the update, it’s possible some of you missed it. So here it is again, up front and centre: The decks and rewards will arrive the end of August and/or the first week of September! 

The due date is later than we first anticipated for a number of reasons:

  • During the color checks, changes needed to be made to the cards, pushing back delivery by one week.
  • Updates to the box had us nerding out on dimensions and pomegranate art! Push back = 2 weeks!
  • We also realised that we need a special certification that shows all the materials used are not harmful to kiddos = 1.5 weeks.

So if you need to update your delivery address, easy peasy. Just go to and update your survey. If you have any questions, email us at and we’ll be happy to help because we love you and are so thankful for your support! 

One more video! This one had us squealing with delight! Look at those printers and cards!! 👀

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