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Four Reasons to Come Visit Our New Website!! 🥳

Faunabelle Tarot has a new home at!  We’re rolling out the red carpet for you! Come take a stroll around our website!

be sure to visit our top 4 picks just for you:


1.  Read the symbolism found in each of our Major Arcana cards

Sharing the symbolism was one of our Kickstarter stretch goals. We’ve included it on our website from the Cards link.


2.  Listen to the Read-Aloud associated with each card.  Reversals included! 

These short little videos are also captioned making it helpful for wee folk learning how to read. You will find the Read-Alouds once you click on a specific card.


3.  Select one of many 3-card tarot spreads to work with. 

Hover over Cards to see the Spreads link. 


4. Sign up for our brand-new newsletter for future updates! 

Sign-up via the pop-up or at the bottom of the About Us page.

  1. Symbolism
  2. Read-Alouds
  3. Spreads
  4. Newsletter



The Faunabelle Fairies  have sprinkled gold dust and magic throughout this new home they’ve lovingly prepared for you. We hope you find it as delightful and useful as we do!!

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