MinorsTravis the Pug as the Page of Wands

Travis the Pug as the Page of Wands

With just the court cards to go, we’re on our final lap! We’re placing orders for the rewards as well as submitting the artwork to our printer this week!  

As usual, we’ll be sharing each court card and message over on our Instagram page but to keep you in the loop in advance, each of the court cards will be set up with a profile that includes:

  • Enjoys
  • Open to
  • Great at
  • Struggles with 
  • Favorite place
  • Motto

We’ve set up the Court Cards to follow the same “profile” format for easy comparison across the characters.


We love repetition and children especially respond to it. We’ve set up our court cards to follow the same format so readers can get a sense of the suit’s vibe and character’s level by easily comparing them with one another.

Next up: The Court Cards! This is our last major push before we turn our Faunabelle animal friends over to our printer!

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