spreadsI’M MAD!! And a little update

I’M MAD!! And a little update

We wanted to share one of the spreads we’ll be including in the guidebook!

Rather than push hard feelings away or “turn that frown upside down”, this spread gives readers a chance to explore their anger.  Why is it here? What does it want to teach us? How can we be kind even when we don’t feel like it? Let us know in the comments if you use it!  

What’s at the bottom of my anger?

What do my feelings want to teach me?

How can I be kind even when I’m upset?


If you like this one, you can see more spreads over on our Instagram feed! 

We’re wrapping up the Wands cards and will be sharing some of the artwork with you soon. We’ve been in communication with our printer as well. Initially, we had factored in a one-month delivery from the time we sent in the artwork files to the time the decks would be printed and shipped. However… our printer recently shared that this process will take two months! So instead of a June delivery, we will be shipping to you in July.

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