spreadsStar Power Spread
Star Power Spread

Star Power Spread

Some of us may have been going through dramatic changes that have us breaking away from the crumbling structures in our lives. The strong presence of Mars during the New & Full October Moons can feel as if we’re going through our very own Tower 
Yet, after the revelations and upheaval ushered in by The Tower, a space of healing begins to open with The Star.  
When Ladybug Star appears, our troubles are passing, leaving a rainbow of promise in their wake. It’s time to feel hopeful again. We can trust our dreams once more. Ladybug Star shares that we know ourselves better now.
This spread leads us to the rainbow of promise emanating from our own Star Power:

 —How do I want to feel today?
 —What’s my “keep on going” message? 
 —There’s a hidden delight here.

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