KickstarterProofs and Production! 🤩

Proofs and Production! 🤩

We’ve been going over every single last detail on our High Priestess tarot box too! Given all the love we’ve poured into the artwork and meanings, we wanted to make sure they were stored in a charming keepsake box that reflected the contents within. 

Here are some of the goodies we’ve included:

  • Embossed stars and moon!
  • A middle section that feels like braille, making it a delightful tactile sensation.
  • Raised gold edges on same middle section!
  • Gorgeous High Priestess and pomegranate art on the front, and back!
  • An official barcode!


In addition, not only will you receive the print guidebook, but we’ve created an eBook version as well.   The eBook is phone friendly which means you can pull a card and look up the meaning on your phone if you don’t have the print guidebook with you.


And there’s more! Take a look at these cute Tarot Journey Notebooks!  We love how they’ve turned out withour little Bunny, ambassador of The Fool energy. We hope you do too! 


The Jumbo Major Arcana stickers have been approved as well as have the Hanged Possum totes.  They’re being made as we speak!


The only thing we’re not so excited to report, is that our delivery date has been pushed back by one month. The printing process involved a few changes that have slowed down production, but hopefully you won’t be too disappointed to wait just a tiny bit longer for all this goodness!! 


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