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Making Merry with The World

The World signals the accomplishment of a cycle. We find The World in many places, big and small. Like the end of training, whether it be potty training, teacher training or accepting our graduate degree. It’ll appear when we’ve thrown a major shin-dig that took a lot of planning like a wedding, the annual gala or achievement awards. And then there’s major accomplishments, like running a marathon and those months of training, or celebrating 50 years of marriage and those years of evolving.
When The World appears, we’ve done it! We’ve come a long way and learned a lot. The path we travelled taught us not to give up when things got hard. Because we kept going, we learned to count on our ability to finish what we started. When Salmon World appears, she sings “It’s time to celebrate the end of a cycle and the start of a new one. Look back and see all the people and things that came together so you could arrive at this very moment. Everything is connected.”

Because we kept going, we learned to count on our ability to finish what we started.

Today we’re pausing to celebrate our own World moment. Our journey started at a dog park when we imagined what it would be like to create our own tarot deck for children. We began believing in this idea back in March 2020, right as Covid began shutting down businesses and borders.  We’ve learned so much, struggled together, cheered each other on, gladly embraced the encouragement from others, and finally, November 2021: we’ve reached our own Salmon’s World!!
We’re taking a moment to revel and make merry! Thank you to everyone who encouraged us along the way and made this possible. To celebrate, we’ll be announcing a giveaway on Friday, November 5th.  Keep your eyes peeled for it!

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