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Gift Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a child in your life? How about Faunabelle Tarot? We’ve come up with a few ideas for you:

  •  Tarot Club — Instead of a book club, start a tarot club! Pick a card as a group and the next time you meet, share how it showed up for you. Every meeting pick a new card.
  •  Daily Pull — Pull a card every morning and see how it turns up in your day. 
  •  Learn Tarot — FAUNABELLE is a great place to start as we’ve distilled the core meaning of each card while including symbolism in the illustrations.
  •  Night Time Ritual — Before tucking in your loves each night, have them pull a card and pop it under their pillow. Follow-up on what dreams came in the morning.

Pull a card in the morning and watch to see how it shows up during the day!

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