Decans3rd Decan of Libra
Four of Swords

3rd Decan of Libra

If the Three of Swords brought betrayal, deception or heartache, the Four of Swords invites us to go within and stabilize our thinking. This can be a profound internal process where we either regurgitate our pain or we begin to release the attachment to our story. The choice is ours and sometimes we do a little bit of both.  


If we choose the former—which is the default until we train ourselves otherwise—we concretize our pain which in the end leads to repeating a new version of the story with other people.

After a Three of Swords experience, It takes a lot of mental discipline to stop thinking about how we were wronged. Eckhart Tolle refers to this replaying of events as the pain body feeding itself. But once we’ve reached a certain level of emotional, mental and spiritual development, we realize that we’re only hurting ourselves by mentally rehashing and holding on to what happened.

Stillness is our entry point into the present moment.

It’s at this point that we can go into the stillness found in the Four of Swords. This stillness is our entry into the present moment. In the present moment, there is no past to regret and no future to feel anxious about. There is only the fullness of now. Embodying this moment gives us so much power: it’s in this space where we can create something new.
The next time you pull Four of Swords, ask yourself these questions:

—Am I fully present to this very moment?

—How can I stabilize my thoughts so I am strengthening my creative power instead of picking at a scab?

—There is a void now. What kind of energy will I fill it with?

You can change your entire life in a short period of time by working with your thoughts in this way because you free up your energy from clinging to the past to creating in the present.

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